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marrying someone with a mental age of 12

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passion04 Thu 17-Sep-09 00:01:28

I have a friend who told me her partner was brain damaged due to an accident. I always admired her loyalty to him, she loved and respected him 100%, he had the mental age of a 12 year old.

I have now found out that she's getting married to him. Is this even possible? Am I being really judgemental in thinking that she shouldn't be getting married to someone with a mental age of 12?

alison56 Thu 17-Sep-09 00:08:15

Not sure - there was a case liek this in the news this last week where the girl had a lower mental age and the authorities had stepped in to stop her wedding.

She was alreayd pregnant.

Their argument was that she couldn't possibly understand what it meant to get married.

Sounds like your friend really loves this man. He's lucky to have her - but I'm not sure what the answer is.

If it had happened to my (now) husband I'd have still wanted to care for him for the rest of his life so why not marry him?

hambler Thu 17-Sep-09 00:09:30

Have you met him?
What's he like?

stepaway Thu 17-Sep-09 00:10:27

Did your friend know her partner before his accident?

pania Thu 17-Sep-09 00:18:07

Would he be legally competent to enter into a contract of marriage?

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