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dh shouting. ranting or walking off

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togoornot Thu 30-Jul-09 10:50:19

Message withdrawn

tryingherbest Thu 30-Jul-09 16:34:04

Yep,sadly, today - he's just come back from his 5th trip abroad to help his mum, only phoned his ds once in that time, rolls up last night, this morning I@m running around packing for our holiday tomorrow and he just starts the sulk, starts shouting he can't cope and how his famiuly are so manipulative, gets me to do some of his work for him whilst he sits on a pile of clothes I've just ironed thus have to reiron - and has now been in bed since 12.30 - think he doesn't want to go tonmorrow - also he managed to get in another call to his mum to see is she is OK (3 calls in less than 24 hours hours) more than he managed in the last 5 days to his wife and child.

Poor ds missed him so much and dh when not shouting has been asleep most o the day- but he did wake up to tell me I needed to go an get ds milk, but ds doesn't want to go out and I can't leavce him with a sleeping dad. I'll probably get it inthe neck whebn he wakes up about not getting the bloody milk.

In this situation I just keep very very calm.

He's picking a fight so I'm just sidestepping - very tiring. Not helped by the fact hge's has 5 days of lobbying by mil.

What does yours do togoornot?

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