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Are really driven people psychologically unbalanced?

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BottySpottom Sun 26-Jul-09 22:39:05

Wasn't sure where to put this, but this forum seemed as good a place as any.

I've just finished watching the Ben Fogle, James Cracknell & Ed Coates walk to the pole and it really struck me just how psychologically unbalanced James Cracknell is. Everyone seemed in awe of him having double olympic gold, but he seemed very unbalanced to me. I can imagine the father figure he has - high achieving and totally unrelenting sad.

It made me wonder whether most of the high achieving people I look up to are less impressive on close inspection (with the exception of Ben Fogle who is really driven but empathetic and articulate).

mrsboogie Sun 26-Jul-09 22:42:56

unbalanced is right they just tend to put all their energies into the one thing, rather than being rounded like the rest of us. they do say genius is close to madness...

HecatesTwopenceworth Sun 26-Jul-09 22:43:06

dunno. i suppose you have to be very single minded to achieve certain things. having a 'balance' in life means you do more things, but maybe don't get as far in any of them?

TeaMonster Sun 26-Jul-09 22:45:39

Also - its not the right sort of environment to base that decision on is it?

Hats off to all three, they did a remarkable job.

ZZZenAgain Sun 26-Jul-09 22:48:07

don't really know anyone that driven I'd say they were single-minded.

Except one guy maybe(I don't know him well) who was at school with dh. After he broke up with his gf of 10 years, he told her she should be sorry for having wasted so much of his time. I don't what he's done with his life that is so great tbh. Studied economics and earns quite a bit but that's it.

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 26-Jul-09 22:54:39

I find this fascinating. My dh is a sports journalist so spends a lot of his time thinking about/writing about people who are completely driven. In the course of his work he has met many world class sporty types and of course they couldn't have got to where they are without being driven. He admires them, of course, but finds them very one-dimensional.

The other day we heard Ben Fogle talking on the radio. He was talking about how hard it was going to the north pole when he'd just had his flesh-eating virus and was leaving behind his new wife and they lost tons of weight and it was very very cold etc ... and dh just shouted out "Oh fgs, no-one made you walk to the pole you twunt". And he often shouts things like that at the radio and tv! grin.

Although he makes his living from broadcasting about them he does feel that these people are, ultimately, boring because they ARE one dimensional.

BottySpottom Sun 26-Jul-09 22:58:47

Just found this quote about Cracknell, "We used to joke about the self-loathing that must motivate him".

I think it was that aspect of him I found surprising - charging over crevaces when he know there was a really good chance of falling in them etc.

k850plus Mon 27-Jul-09 00:01:20

I saw the same programme. Awesome feat of ensurance. It was fascinating viewing I thought.I have always admired James and the others from that famous rowing olympic squad, and others who are so successful in their own field. But I was astounded at some of the decisions he made I must admit - very selfish. But I can see that to have achieved what he has sports wise he needed to be.

Did you see the last series they did out at sea - that was similar, he pushed and pushed and pushed.

Personally I would give my right arm for some of that determination and selfishness at this point in time in my life - it would come in extremly useful.

BottySpottom Tue 28-Jul-09 17:06:17

Does anyone know where the Dr came from and what happened to the actor? I missed some of it.

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