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searching for a friend

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OliviasNanny Sat 21-May-05 02:05:16

Hi all, This is rather long so bear with me.

I went on holiday last summer to Blackpool for a week and stayed at the Westbourne House b&b on Vance Road and met a guy steve there. This guy was holidaying alone (as was I) and we got on instantly. Unfortunately once home I poo pooed him away - nasty cow arent i? Now I really regret it as he was wonderful to me for the few days we spent together.

He was called Steve, in his 30's, white, around 5'6, black hair, glasses. He was from London (don't have a clue where tho) and spoke with maybe a cockney accent? He had an ill mum at the time. He won a purple hippopotamus and took it home to his mum.He also won me loads of teddies and gave my a giant piglet. If anyone in London knows Steve who went alone to Blackpool last year please tell him I'm looking for him!!!

stitch Sat 21-May-05 14:46:47

needle in a haystack.
there must be more info you have on him?
what job does he do??
mentioned a place he hangs out?
phone number?
call the b&b you statyed at, they might have his details.
good luck

biglips Sat 21-May-05 14:48:01

deffo a needle in the haystack

i agree with Stitch to do those things

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