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Newly single mum

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LolJ Mon 02-Mar-09 12:54:29

Hi forgive me if I do this wrong but I am new to mumsnet and this is my first attempt on a discussionboard! I have a 16mth old son and am newly seperated from my dh who cheated on me when my baby was 10 weeks old. I feel a bit alone and scared about what I am going to do with regards to starting again as I lost a lot of my friends and now Im looking at the prospect of going on holiday on my own doing all the stuff I would do with my son on my own eg going to the zoo, seaside etc. I was wondering if there are any single mum groups in my area (manchester) that anyone knows of who go out and do things together with their kids and without???? Any help and advice would be appreciated!!

maretta Mon 02-Mar-09 12:58:16

Sorry to hear your story.
Do you go to any toddler groups. Where abouts in Manchester are you?

fryalot Mon 02-Mar-09 12:58:23

hi and welcome to mumsnet

Sorry you have been going through this it sounds really shitty.

You will get loads of support on here, and there are tons of Manchester mums around. If you want to arrange to meet some, you could look at the meet ups section or if you want some specific lone parent advice, there is a section on lone parents as well

good luck.


LolJ Mon 02-Mar-09 17:40:51

Thanks for your replies. I find it hard to get to many groups because I work full time and I dont kow of any that take place at the weekend. I am in Whitefield near to Bury. Thanks for the info on the meet up section and lone parents stuff.

ninah Thu 05-Mar-09 14:48:00

Lone parents threads on here, recommended and it does get easier, I promise (left ex with ds 3 and dd 6 months for similar reasons as you, thought it end of world - now couldn't be happier, honest!)

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