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I've just killed DH's MP3 player... I want to cry...

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DippyDino Sat 03-Jan-09 23:15:38

It's deader than dead thing in Deadsville. I tried to connect it to my PC to charge (how 'helpful' of me) and put the cable thing in the wrong way. The poor old MP3 didn't like that, and now it's bits are all bent.

I am a bad wife.

What if he goes mental?

I'll cry.

I have anxiety ishoos and this really isn't good.

I have a few minutes to consider how to break the news.

Gulp. [blsuh]

DippyDino Sat 03-Jan-09 23:16:12

I mean blush, obviously.

blushingm Sat 03-Jan-09 23:20:19

blame the cat???

can't you claim on your home ins if it can't get fixed? i'm sure he can't be that cross

Dragonbrandybutter Sat 03-Jan-09 23:20:30

could you approach with
the bad news i broke your mp3 player
the good news is i ordered you a new cable online and it'll be with you in 3-5 working days!

DippyDino Sat 03-Jan-09 23:45:35

Ha ha!

IT WAS HIM! grin

He broke it prior to going upstairs, no wonder the cable wouldn't go in properly!

Slowly dawned on me as I was apologising and explaining and he was just looking more and more sheepish. Bless him.

Will buy him a new one, they are about half the price they were when we first got it... bloody technology!

Will also order a cat in case of future techno disasters, thanks blushingm.

Dragonbrandybutter Sat 03-Jan-09 23:47:45

good news.

grin at ordering a cat too.

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