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Had a crap day

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charliechew Mon 15-Sep-08 00:29:05

I suppose I haven't had such a crap day, just had to have a rant. I went to my granny's 80th b day today. I went because I basically think a lot of my granny, always have since I was a kid. The problem is all of my so called extended family members. They are really different people, horrible really. They all come from a close farming community, who to be honest, wouldn't know reality if it hit them. All they appear to be bothered about is money, who has more, who has less. It's horrible really. If you don't have any then your knackered basically. I think it's terrible and so in the 1800's era. I spent most of the time just looking after my DDs and making my excuses to go as I said I had to get them ready for school. I can't tolerate people like this am I alone?

LOVEMYMUM Mon 15-Sep-08 00:31:03

Totally not alone!!

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