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cherylrcfs Sun 31-Aug-08 20:30:47

Well, me and my fiance finished with each other last night, 2 much has happened since the birth of our son 6 months, i dont even know who he is anymore, he talks / texts skanky hos from the net all day rather than spend time with his son, once i found out we tried to give it another go and he promised he would change but theres no diffrence now he talks to them and lies about it! So i finally took the first step and told him i wasnt happy even tho i love him with all my heart, i cant be with him knowing that he doesnt feel the same way! So now im trying to just get on with it, but i just cant believe im now a single mum (nothing wrong with single mums btw, i mean i just never pictured this in our future thats all)! i know its for the best really - he is living at his mums now and went to the pub at 12 this morning, even tho hes in the RAF and goes away for 4 months nxt week, u would think he would want to spend every min with his son, he thinks hes living the dream but it wont b long til his own son turns to me and asks "mummy who is that"!!! Soory for the long moan / rant! (But i feel better!)

Iwanttobreakfree Sun 31-Aug-08 20:45:06


Join the gang! I am just about to tell DH (again for the 4th time) that its over. I'm getting myself a job (hopefully) and a house (fingers xd) and moving on.

Your partner sounds like a loser. Your DS sounds better off without him. However, if he is willing to be a present and good father to your son please give him the chance. Please do not give negative feelings to your DS about his father ( in know he is only 6 months old now but in future). He may make those assumptions in time himself as he grows up but he has the right to make his own mind up.

Nephew came to me the other day saying "my mummy says aunty ...(other aunty not me!) is a skanky cow and she wants to smack her face in"... so sad.

You can do so much better by yourself and maybe in future with a better man. Take care xxx

cherylrcfs Sun 31-Aug-08 21:14:17

thank u so much - & i promise that my son wont ever hear me say a bad word about his dad, it wont only make me look like the bad one! But ur right time for bigger and better things, as long as i have my son im already the luckiest and happiest girl alive! Men - who needs them!!! x

ginnny Sun 31-Aug-08 22:28:34

Cheryl - It sounds like you have done the right thing and you will be happy again one day.
You deserve better and so does your ds. Its his loss, the sad thing is he'll probably only realise what he's thrown away when it is too late.
take care

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