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So, how do I find a f*ck buddy?

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chocciebiccie Mon 12-May-08 21:46:36

I've been single for six months, after a long relationship ended. I don't want a new relationship any time soon - I'm not even close to getting over my last one - but as the fog clears, I am finding I miss sex. I used to have a fairly high sex drive, and it's making a comeback. grin

So I've been told I need a f*ck buddy. But where do I meet one? I'm in most nights with DS, my friends (bar one - a woman) are in relationships, and online dating sites are really about finding a full, long-term relationship, not casual sex - aren't they?

So what are my options?

WiiMii Mon 12-May-08 21:48:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

solo Mon 12-May-08 21:49:09

I found a lot of men on online dating sites only wanted sex and not a relationship. I just kept passing them by until I found what I was looking for. Please be careful though!

PersonalClown Mon 12-May-08 21:50:34

Don't ask me!! I sort of fell into a f*ck buddy relationship and now we are veeeerrrrryyy slowly taking it to the next stage and actually seeing each other.shock

But I have known him (and slept with him) since we were 16 and we are almost 30 now!

beansmum Mon 12-May-08 21:51:23

The times I have had a fuck buddy it was an ex boyfriend. Got any of those who might be suitable?

lou33 Mon 12-May-08 21:51:32

yes i would tend to go for an fb that you have known for a while, all mine have been friends

chocciebiccie Mon 12-May-08 22:00:26

Thanks. Had no idea about the online thing! Haven't been down that road before so, naively, had just assumed.

I was in my previous relationship for a long time, and so ex-boyfriends would be from a very long time ago! blush There is one who I quite fancy hooking up with. However, I think he may be in a relationship, albeit a rocky one, and so that's not an option. And he's a friend's brother, so it would hardly be discreet! Hmm.

I'm off to take a look at that fish site ...

electra Mon 12-May-08 22:00:44

I think it's easier if it's a friend. The problem is it never seems to be simple though. If the sex is good it gets intense. If the sex is bad there's no point of course. I had a casual thing with a younger guy - he's attractive, v v good in bed - I thought it was great and didn't feel I was in any danger of getting attached. Then he got weird about it and it kind of blew up in my face lol.

madamez Mon 12-May-08 22:05:22

Have a look at the swinging sites like Swinging Heaven or Local Swingers: they often have contact ads and you don't necessarily have to want to go to swinging clubs to use them.
Mind you, if you want no-strings sex, a swinging club is a good place to get it in safety: you don't have to do it in front of other people or with more than one person at a time if you don't want to (all the clubs have private rooms).

hls Mon 12-May-08 22:06:14


maltesers Mon 12-May-08 22:26:45

Date sites on the internet are your best bet i think .... not everyone wants a LTR from date sites... a lot of men i think want a no strings thing going ....just the physical stuff.... good luck !

ChocolateRockingHorse Mon 12-May-08 22:29:09

Yeah but a LOT of those men will be married and looking for a cheap shag behind the backs of their wives who would be devastated if they knew what was happening, so beware of those!

maltesers Mon 12-May-08 22:33:44

Yes true, but not all saying no strings attached are married or in a relationship. No strings can simply mean a physical relationship without the emotional involvement ... a shagbuddy !

madamez Mon 12-May-08 23:05:02

CRH that's a bit of an uneccessary scaremonger for the poor girl, isn't it? Plenty of men use looking-for-fun sites who are single and just want a shagbuddy, same as plenty of women do.

MissingMyHeels Mon 12-May-08 23:06:44

Adult friend finder? here

chocciebiccie Tue 13-May-08 00:02:20

Thanks for suggestions. Took a look at AdultFriendFinder - gulp!

ChocolateRockingHorse Tue 13-May-08 00:04:21

I said a LOT of those men. Not all. Sad but true and not the kind of liaison Choccie wants I'm sure, shag buddy or not!

Papillon Tue 13-May-08 06:16:40

There are loads of online sites and the people on it range from newbies to the experienced. Its good to say what the "rules" are, what you want out of hooking up with someone.

Might be good to have 2 f"k buddies rather than one, some might want to see you lots or just sometimes, so think about what you want.

Stevie19 Mon 11-Feb-19 22:45:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

wheresthehope Mon 11-Feb-19 23:04:00

@Stevie19 This post was from 2008

Hotsoldier Sat 16-Feb-19 07:01:55

I'm looking for a regular fb and see where it leads.
How do I find this

Robin2323 Sat 16-Feb-19 07:26:23

Is this one of those Zombie threads?

Surely op isn't still looking?

Fwb seems to end with one person getting emotionally involved - not good.

Use a rabbit while waiting for 'the one '. grin

Hotsoldier Sat 16-Feb-19 07:49:54

Sent you a message

VixenSixen Sat 16-Feb-19 07:55:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Redwinemaestro Sat 16-Feb-19 11:32:45

I'm looking for one. Where are you located? 😄

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