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Non-sexual relationship

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DreamingofAruba Tue 23-Feb-21 22:23:24

My Dp has some quite severe mental health problems (severe depression, suspected bipolar and Adhd) and he does not have any libido. We have a seven-year-old boy together from IVF (low sperm count). We don't have sex, generally. Maybe once or twice a year or so.
I would kill for someone to touch me in a sexual manner...just to feel sexy for an hour or two.
I know that will probably never happen with my Dp...even if he regained his libido, I'm no longer sexually attracted to him really.
What do I do?
He's a lovely partner and a lovely father. I'm 48 and he's 53, so neither of us are exactly hot to trot anyway. But thinking that no one might touch me in a sexual way ever again is killing me.

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ordinaryman Wed 24-Feb-21 09:00:51

Discuss having a FWB / open marriage?

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