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Ohdear101 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:17:35

I met a guy a few years ago at work. He is/ was very attractive to me and I admired him from afar. Colleagues kept saying we would suit each other. On a night out we spoke and swapped numbers but never contacted each other . A year on he added me on snapchat ( this is mostly what really young people use)I was a bit like oh , he must be interested . I went against what I usually would do and asked him for a drink , it went okay and then he never texted me. I asked if he would meet me again he said let see how things go. Then he said he didn’t want anything serious.I wasn’t too happy with the rejection and kept dwelling on what I had done wrong on the date .

I left it for a bit then I rang him when I had been drinking and he asked me for nude pictures , I did not send them but he kept sending me selfies of himself so I deleted him .

A few months later and I pathetically tried to add him again and he blocked me.
I realise now I was stuck in a total fantasy that was in no way reciprocated . He found me somewhat attractive, but it ended there.I feel like such a creep!Luckily I don’t work with him anymore, he left .

Has anyone else done this before/ made a fool of themselves. I think I was limerant for him.

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Lurcherloves Sun 27-Sep-20 15:23:59

Yes I think we’ve all been there? I guess the initial interest makes us feel good and we keep seeking that even when it’s clear that person won’t meet our needs.
You might want to spend some time working on yourself think what it is you think you wanted or needed from him. Do some stuff that makes you feel good about yourself and spend time with other people - he is no more important or interesting than other people in your life.

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