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What would you do?

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hls Wed 26-Sep-07 14:19:02

This is a bit of a pathetic post but....I have been making a big effort to catch up with 2 firends- I always do the running although they seem happy to see me when they manage to fit me in (yes, that's how it is.) However, my last 2 answerphone messages to them both and a card to one of them have been ignored. I feel hurt. I half expect that they will send me a card at Christmas apolgising for not getting round to phoning etc, but I am sick of it, as it happens all the time.I feel really angry- it takes little time to have a chat and catch up and I would be happy with that- they don't have to meet up, but I don't like being dumped!

ConnorTraceptive Wed 26-Sep-07 17:03:36

Tbh I wouldn't try to make any further contact but if they do get in touch themselves further down the line then I would give them another chance.

Friends like this make you feel rubbish I've cut people off before because of this sort of thing and tbh I don't miss them and have made new friendships elsewhere.

hls Wed 26-Sep-07 18:27:16

Thanks...that is mainly how I feel,but as I work from home and my daughter is about to go to uni, I am feeling a bit lonely. Most of my really good friends live a long way away- and my neighbour who is a good friend is moving next summer, so I feel a bit lost! I think I just find it hard to take that they obviously don't care about me enough to find out how we all are (my family) as I have known them both for 10 years- we all met through work. I see them about 2-3 times a year but recently I have had to do all the running- you get fed up with that eventually, but it's sad as I really like them and don't want to lose touch...

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