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Friendship stress

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Sandra2010 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:51:10

We're lucky enough to have come into an amount of money about 18 months ago. We did what you'd expect, bought a new house, got an (almost) new car, etc. When we got the new house, we pretty much threw all our old furniture etc away and got all new. It's really lovely and we are fully aware of how lucky we are. Problem? We have a close friend who we love very much, she has some physical health problems and suffers with low mood and depression. Within 6 months of us moving, she persuaded her husband they needed to move too, that it was their home making her more depressed. They moved closer to us. When I got my new car, within 4 months, she got the same make car, almost same colour. We painted our dd room 3 weeks ago and added paint glitter to one wall, she's just painted her dd's room the same colour with paint glitter. The problem is, they can't really afford it. I'm not being mean, at all, they'd always been the better off family until our windfall, but from talking to her husband, we know they've really over-extended themselves for the new house, then the car on top, and the lockdown has affected his business. Her husband utterly adores her and will do anything to make her happy, and she has been more settled since they moved, but we can already see her mood getting low again. We generally holiday in this country, but were considering going abroad next year and I'm scared to talk about it. I feel really guilty that we seem to be inspiring this from her and I don't know what to do.

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