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How to deal with allegations & concerns for SD

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User167534 Sun 31-May-20 19:29:43

Long story short as I really hope to focus on the current situation and get some advice.

DH and I have 2 DC and both have a DC from previous marriage. There have been lots of problems with his ex. Mainly drug misuse, inappropriate relationships, mental health issues and child neglect (On her part) and violence towards DH. She moved away with their DD (7), there was a long court case as we filed for custody but the court decided to give his ex one more chance as she seemed to be back on track. The whole situation has been incredibly hard for DH.

She causes problems with contact. DH bought his DD a tablet so that she could contact him whenever she wanted/needed. His ex wouldn’t let her use it. She claimed it was broken, then her internet was broken and now it turns out she has handed it into the police as she thinks DH has put spyware on it to spy on her... The police called and are testing the tablet tomorrow.

Obviously we aren’t spying on her. The device is DH’s and given to his DD to use. The adult section of it is password protected.

Firstly we’re concerned that she’s added so aware herself to ‘frame’ DH and secondly assuming she hasn’t done that, that she’s having some kind of breakdown. If it is the former the police would know what date any spyware was installed? If that latter what do we do?

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