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Anyone else gone though this?

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bcass Sat 23-May-20 23:37:52

A few weeks into lockdown my boyfriend of nearly 5 years said he was confused and the spark was gone.

We agreed to work on our relationship, I think lockdown had us stuck in a rut and living in a flat left us feeling confined. These past few weeks of us working on our relationship has really worked.

But when he first told me the spark was gone, my heart really broke. I'm a really insecure person and have always thought why does he even like me. I feel like I'm not putting my all into it as I'm scared and don't want to be as vulnerable if he says it just not working.

Have any other couples every gone though this? How do I stop myself from feeling like this?

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Mintlegs Sat 23-May-20 23:56:58

I feel for you, this may make you feel insecure. Has there been any other change in his behaviour? Or can you see where he is coming from?

bcass Sun 24-May-20 11:32:52

@Mintlegs I could see where he was coming from after we'd talked, it's defo been the impact of lockdown, gyms closing, not seeing family.

He's been a bit more affectionate since we've started working things out and we've been prioritising time we spend together and then doing our own thing.

I know how I feel, I just struggle to know what he's thinking, feeling. He's a very closed person and recently I just can't seem to read him so I get into over thinking. I just don't want it to spiral

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Mintlegs Sun 24-May-20 13:15:19

Work on your own self esteem, try and keep busy (if you can in these odd times). Try and keep it light and good fun when you are together

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