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Just had total hissy fit with DS's

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auntysocial Tue 07-Aug-07 19:56:27

I've just totally lost my rag with my two sons. Basically I had arranged with a friend to take them all to the park this afternoon (my boys and her dd) so this morning I did my garden so was all hot and bothered before we even set off to park.

Then at 1pm we set off for the park, my youngest ds (6) played up on the bus all the way there which was annoying me and blatently aggravating my friend although she didn't say anything.

When we got to the park my DS's kept nagging for drinks knowing full well that I didn't have enough money on me and that my friend wouldn't buy her DD one without buying them one too so when she bought them one I felt quite embarrassed.

Then, after a long afternoon I treat the boys to a milkshake each from the local shop before going home and making tea. They were filthy when we got home so I stuck them in the shower and then smelt gorgeous, all clean and fresh and I then put tea on.

An hour later I shout that it's ready, DS1 comes running in with his milkshake and went arse over tit spilling the bloody thing all over himself, all over the floor and all up the wall...I totally lost my rag, threw him a towel and demanded that he clean it all up himself whilst calling him dopey . Then, my youngest gets his tea and walks into the living room with it, slipped on the milkshake and went arse over tit in the living room, meat pie, gravy and veg all over the sodding living room floor.

By this point I was seeing stars, demanded that he clean up his tea, demanded that DS1 go and get a shower by himself (which he's never done before, he's 8) and after they'd finished their tea (which was cold by the time they'd finished cleaning up) I sent them both straight to bed.

I know both incidents were accidents but I just totally lost it, called them both horrible names, shouted and screamed like a banshee and now feel totally awful.

Is it normal to totally loose your head like this once in a while? or do I need anger management??

Nat1H Tue 07-Aug-07 21:05:19

What a fab story (not for you of course!)
No, I don't think you need anger management. Sometimes I let things het on top of me and then everything seems to start to go wrong. I have lost it with my DS1 (6) in exactly the same sort of way. As long as you apologised and explained how you were having a bad day, I don't think you've got a problem at all.
Any more stories like this and make sure you post them. You really made me laugh!!

eyesfront Tue 07-Aug-07 22:35:45

I think it is very good for dcs to see us lose our rag sometimes. I am sure that being reasonable all the time sets them very high expectations of womanhood and low expectations of what's acceptable. It will also teach them that even if you lose it sometimes it's only a temporary thing, doesn't mean the end of the world etc etc

Make a shared story of it for the future and have a good laugh about it. I did

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