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Dreading Christmas "in-laws"

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skyler Fri 01-Dec-17 14:03:08

This is a bit long winded sorry
Firstly after everything iv been through I feel the luckiest person alive to have my little one

Right if I tell you a little bit about me it might be easier
Do you know the ad's on tv sad kid scared to go home a shell of a room with mattress chucked in the corner huddled on the floor wishing someone would help well my childhood was not far off, so to say the least not the best

I moved on with my life away from everything that had happened to me on my own two feet, always working 2 jobs and doing night collage course later to be told I would never have kids life crushing at the time but the fear of not been able to protect them made it easier in a way

Fast forward quite a few years after getting out of an physically and mentally abusive relationship I meet a wonderful man who was understanding supportive our relationship was fantastic we got engaged then I found out I was pregnant. Worked up to 8 months pregnant doing 3 jobs saving for the birth of my lo I vowed that my child would never need for anything never feel unloved, experience anything I went through would not be ruled by fear, scream shouted at, have aggressive behaviour towards or around them

Well not long after lo birth we lost our home moved in with Los father's mother and sister, whos rent we had paid for 3 years although not lived there,I was constantly look for somewhere to live 1 week after been their they kicked us out let us back this continued, abusive behaviour discussing comments towards myself and lo lies mind games than to find out my little ones father was texting and meeting up with an ex flame so things got a lot worse.
Well after a number of incidents I don't agree any child should be around myself and little one we're homeless after threats of violence to my child from his so called grandmother

We where in bed and breakfast for a number of months, we now have a lovely home iv managed to furnish decorate with no help my little ones room is fantastic I'm looking for work iv done it all with no support

Myself and ex have been trying to work things out of my lo but his sister is still playing games with befriend his ex's and then contacting him

Well my problem is that they will be coming to my home over Christmas to see my little one iv had to agree to this or los father would of took little one to them, they haven't bothered in 9 months so find it hard I just want them out of our life the thought of seeing these people makes my blood boil and them touching my lo hug kiss makes me physically sick after what they threatened to do and everything we've been through at the hands of these people

Handsfull13 Fri 01-Dec-17 14:35:57

I'm so sorry for the horrible situation your in. But you seem very determined to move forward which is admirable.
How old is your LO now. Could you meet them at a neutral place like a local play centre or park so they can interact with LO but not be in your house. Being in public also give you the chance to get up and leave if it gets uncomfortable.

hattyhighlighter Fri 01-Dec-17 14:38:42

You don't have to agree to see them. I'm a bit confused by your OP are you still with your partner? does he want the in-laws to come?
Well done on doing things differently from your past and on all you have achieved flowers

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