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Moving in with partner

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lou8719 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:17:11

Hi I'm really sorry for putting this thread on here it is in the wrong category but couldn't work out where to post 😕. I'm just after some advice please . I live with my daughter who is 12 in private renting . I got sacked a few months back so I am not claiming jsa and I have help with my rent and council tax. My boyfriend lives with his parents and works away so I really only see him at the weekends . I still claim single as I I don't ask him for any money to help me or my daughter out plus none of his belongings are in my home . Now this is where I'm rather confused . He has bought a house and wants me and my daughter to move in with him full time . So I handed in my notice on the house I'm in now and I'm ready to go . So I have 3 weeks left here and the new house is taking longer than expected . So his parents have said I can also move in with them until our house is ready which will hopefully only be two more weeks . Now I'm worrried about who I phone to say I'm no longer single . I'm going to phone everyone tomrrrow so I'm just wondering if anyone knows who I have to inform ? And the biggest worry ever is because Iv said I'm single then I phone up and say I'm moving in with my boyfriend won't they think Iv been lying and having a life of luxury claiming and having my boyfriend support me too ? I have got bad anxiety so maybe I'm just worrying too much as usual ? My boyfriend earns a fair amount so I'm just wondering what money of mine will stop ? I'm hoping to get a job with his mother as soon as my car is fixed so I'm not too concerned about how much will stop right now I'm also worrying about moving in with somone and it not being my house I like stability and if anything was to happen I'd leave and be back to square one . Anyways back to what I'm worrying about the most 😂 so if I phone up what should I say and will they think Iv been lying the whole time ? Thankyou all for reading x

TDHManchester Mon 06-Nov-17 05:07:18

My very best advice to you and anyone else is never live anywhere that you dont have a legal right to reside. I know this may not be what you are thinking about right now but what will your legal status be in the "new" house? Will you be joint owner,joint tenant, a lodger ,a guest,,someone who could be kicked out on a whim?

kittensinmydinner1 Mon 06-Nov-17 06:19:19

To answer your question . (This is my Work field) You have nothing to worry about. The ‘living together ‘ thing is about household income. So if your household income does not include any ‘extra’ money from your DP then you have no worries. As for JSA - if it’s based on your NI contributions (JSA c) then it’s not means tested but paid because ‘you’ve paid in’ . You must obviously change addresses when you move to in laws and then again when you move to the house/ but you should still receive it. - If it’s means tested then it’s based on your household again. When living with in laws you will still be considered an ‘independent household ‘ if your fiancé isn’t there as well.. once he is with you at any address then benefits based on your families income will cease.

category12 Mon 06-Nov-17 06:45:19

I'd be quite careful about what you're doing here - I don't think the benefits etc are a problem - what concerns me is his house, plus taking a job with his mother. So if it goes wrong, you're homeless and jobless?

Keep some of your independence. Look for work elsewhere.

lou8519 Mon 06-Nov-17 22:06:58

Thankyou all very much for replying . Instead of moving in with the boyfriends parents I am going to stay with my sister and her husband . Both work so I don't know if that will affect my money . I am going to phone and sort everything out in the morning . I am having 2nd thoughts about working with his mother just in case somthing does happen between us and I would have to leave . She runs her own dog grooming business and I'm not too fussed on dogs so me saying that I don't think it's a good idea won't affect me that much 😂 My boyfriend is in France this week and is working away for the next few months . The only time he will be home for a week will be middle of next year so I will have to explain all this when I phone in the morning . I have never claimed before these last few months so I am really working myself up . Thankyou again for all your replies xxx

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