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feeling left out in social group

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gg1234 Sat 28-Oct-17 22:16:11

I dont know but since half term is there and the halloween party today at some places I am feeling a bit depressed myself and for my child .The area in which we live there is a social group of 3 -4 families who celebrate festivals together with this the children get a sense of community and are happy .We ( both me and my hubby ) are socially out of that group altough we know each person in that group personally ,due to the fact that we have a small flat ( I dont cook so well ) and cant invite much people for parties at home . ( They regulary do parties at each others place and meet a lot everyother weekend .)My son feels very sad sometimes due to lack of social group and I feel a lot left out .I really need to improve on this .Today they had a halloween party at some ones place and I am sitting at home sad.Altough they invite me to attend birthday parties but not in other gatherings.Is something wrong with me .I feel absolutely not .What should I do ? I feel very depressed .Do I fear calling people at my home .I dont think so .

Cricrichan Sat 28-Oct-17 23:28:49

I'm sure you can squeeze them in! Just invite them round for a cheese and wine night and the kids can have hot dogs. No cooking involved.

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