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No attraction and fallen out of love

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CreepedOutNow Mon 16-Oct-17 15:44:59

NC as I've mentioned the lack of support to DH recently (although I haven't seen a change yet). We've been married just under 2 years, we have 1 DC and I think maybe I've fallen out of love with him but still love him as a person. We have a laugh together between me nagging him to do things he should be doing (asking to hold, feed or change DC, cook or clean when DC is glued to me or even something romantic - the last time was 2 years ago!) but I feel like I can't enjoy being with him and perhaps resent him. I'm a completely different person and don't recognise who I am, I feel like the nagging is sucking the life out of me.

We have not had sex for 3 months, I didn't really want to last time but it was not that I was forced or coerced, I just felt sorry for him, we hadn't had sex much during my pregnancy. He is a very handsome man but has let himself go and I've dropped hints only for him to make excuses. I've put on weight and would love to work at losing it together but as soon as I start a diet he goes out and gets a takeaway and doesn't want to go out and do anything. If I think about it, I stopped being attracted to him around the time of our honeymoon, sex became a chore and not something I enjoyed. He tries to initiate sex or even a simple hug and I dread it. Last time we were in bed and he got excited, I felt almost angered.

I want to be in love with him again, he's a lovely person but I don't know whether the issue is just me.

Meowstro Mon 16-Oct-17 19:28:29

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