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Who's doing the gas lighting

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duvetdaytoday Thu 08-Jun-17 20:27:57

NC for this

If you are accused of gaslighting someone but yet you believe they have been gaslighting you is this possible I'm feeling very very weak and fragile at the moment and I'm just not really sure as to what the hells going on. Is it possible to know your not even doing it sometimes either person in the relationship. I'm having panic attacks thinking that this is why BF has left me after 4 years together we had so many plans.

C0RAL Thu 08-Jun-17 23:19:54

Well of you don't know you are doing it , it's not gaslightingm is it ? It's some sort of dementia.

So I promise to make dinner for us both tomorrow night. Then tomorrow I say " I didn't promise any such thing, in fact I'll be working late / going to the pub with my mates. You are imagining things again "

Either I do remember what I said and I'm gas lighting you because I don't want to acknowledge that I broke my word.

Or I genuinely don't remember because I've got memory problems of some sort. But if that were the case, these problems would show up other places like work .

And my forgetting would inconvenience me at least half of the time. "Memory problems " that only ever advantage the person having them are just lies.

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