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Urgent advice needed please!

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user1467480231 Thu 25-May-17 19:45:03

My ex is a pathological liar and I've had ended problems with him since we split. He now wants to take out 17 year old autistic son abroad in the summer, yet this worries my hugely as I just DON'T trust him. Having said that, I know my son really wants to go.
How can I protect my son? I need proof that he will be taking my son to where he says he is taking him to and NOT going with his partner (she's a prostitute from the Far East!).
Can I get this in writing or certified by a lawyer? Ex doesn't even live in the UK.
Deeply worried sad

user1467480231 Thu 25-May-17 19:47:37

*Endless problems. Excuse typo!

Bubblegumfan Thu 25-May-17 19:50:16

Wow what a worrying situation for you!
Is he generally a good parent to your son?
Could you see the holiday booking/tickets?

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