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He doesn't respect me does he?

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Ricecrispies16 Thu 13-Apr-17 09:31:00

I'm so fed up. Been feeling really down just lately, arguments with my partner all the time which I partly blamed on my mood. I went to the docs the other day because I was worried I had postnatal depression. Told my partner and he seemed to be supportive. Since this, he's not asked once how I'm feeling. I feel so bogged down with it all. I do nearly all the house work, cooking, cleaning, washing etc he does fuck all. Every morning he comes downstairs, passes the baby to me and then falls asleep while I run around sorting our baby and my 3yo out. He gets in from work and just sits on his phone. Yesterday I wanted to nip out to get some new clothes for my daughter and thought that since he's off work for a few days I might be able to go alone and just have an hour to myself. Instead, he says to take the baby to get her out and he will do some bits around the house. Got back and low and behold he's washed 3 cups then shut all the curtains and had been playing Xbox the entire time. So I got in and obviously I'm pissed off because he knows how I'm feeling yet deliberately sends me out with the baby so he can get time to himself. We spoke about it and it just erupted. I said his behaviour was selfish and that he has no consideration for how I'm feeling. He started swearing and getting irate, the whole time he was holding our baby so I told him to calm down and stop swearing as he has the baby in his arms. His excuse was that she doesn't understand. I asked him to pass the baby to me since he was getting irate he refused and even as I was trying to take her kept saying no and walking away from me.
The other day we had another big convo about how it's disrespectful to me to bring the baby down to me then just go to sleep on the sofa leaving me to do it all. After a long conversation he agreed it's not right and won't do it again. This morning he's been asleep on the sofa for an hour and a half.

This is the tip of the iceberg, there's a huge back story and countless things have happened.

I helped him to get a new job recently and now he thinks it's ok to say things like "oh well done Rice, you've applied for TWO jobs" I just feel like saying go fuck yourself. The reason I'm struggling to get back into work is because I accommodate YOUR schedule because I do everything!!!!!!!

I can't help but feel that since he knows I'm struggling lately that he should be making an effort to help me more or at least care enough to pitch in more! I feel like all respect has gone and I resent him so much at the moment.

noego Thu 13-Apr-17 09:51:42

Nope, no respect, no love, no empathy, no understanding, no sympathy, no listening, no help, no life, no marriage. And the resentment you have will affect your emotional health and bring you further down. Time for ultimatums. Step up or ship out.

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