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Can my friend have marriage counselling by herself?

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LobsterMac Sat 11-Mar-17 21:56:14

Her 'D'H has walked out, he's messing her about following the script, saying he's ill, he doesn't know what he wants, he wants a divorce, he loves her etc.

She'd like to go and talk to someone to take back some form of control. Can she go by herself? If so, how does one go about organising it?

TheShoeLady Sat 11-Mar-17 22:05:15

She can have counselling to help her work out what she wants from her life and how she feels about things. It won't be marriage counselling exactly but it could help her to get her mind straight on what she wants and to get some control back as you say.

She can find a local counsellor who specialises in self esteem issues or relationships by googling and finding someone accredited in the right field. Some will offer special rates for those on a low income etc so if she is worried about affording it, it's worth asking.

livelyredjellybean Sat 11-Mar-17 23:05:08

Relate will see you by yourself, you don't have to go as a couple.

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