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Please help me know what to do

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lavenderrabbit Sun 12-Feb-17 15:43:20

Regular but nc

Sorry this is not very well written, I don't have much time.

Husband historically emotionally abusive. Baby is 4 months old. He has cheated in the past and since baby has treated me worse than ever. I have ASD so not sure what is normal. I am emotionally exhausted and have pnd. I want a divorce. He refuses to let me end things but never treats me any better and shouts if I try to talk. He says I am 'trying to argue' and says all problems are my fault.

Our house is rented. Can I ask him to leave? He won't go even for a couple of days. I have nowhere to go but a refuge or homeless hostel maybe. What should I do? Thanks.

HoursOfFun Sun 12-Feb-17 16:02:43

Contact women's aid, emotional abuse is serious. You need help and support for you and your baby and PND plus EA is a very awful combination. Don't feel bad or guilty, just contact them and get the support you neeed and good luck x

lavenderrabbit Sun 12-Feb-17 16:05:12

Does anyone know what'll happen if I contact them?

I don't want my baby to hear arguments, but sometimes I think it might be all my fault like he says it is. I have genuinely tried to change but it doesn't seem to make any kind of consistent difference.

Juveniledelinquent Sun 12-Feb-17 16:07:55

You can sometimes get Legal Aid for Domestic Abuse cases. Women's Aid will advise you on the best course of action but you definitely need to get out of this abusive relationship.

HoursOfFun Sun 12-Feb-17 16:10:47

It is not your fault. Women's aid will give objective advice and support. They won't take any action without you wanting them too so don't worry about that. You much talk to someone who is totally detached like they are so that you can start to disengage from the relationship.

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