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If you've eloped and married in secret (second marriages, we're ancient), did you family react badly?

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Vagabond Tue 15-Nov-16 14:46:38

DP and I have tried to organise a wedding before, but as we live abroad, we had loads of requests to "don't do it there", "don't get married in June, I have to be there" and it all just seemed so tricky. We just want to get married with no drama and no attention. No white dress....none of that.

So, we've decided to just go for it. Family is all coming over for Christmas and we are doing the deed a week beforehand. We are in Australia so we want to make our families' visit about them, not about a big day for us. We are having a simple civil ceremony with another long term couple (one of whom is my cousin), and we are acting as witnesses for each other. Nice and simple and just what we want. We have booked a celebrant to marry us in a gorgeous place and we will party and have fun, just the four of us in a gorgeous hotel hideaway for the weekend.

Question is: do we announce it a Christmas party during my families' visit (they'll be in Australia for the hols - yeah!) or tell them beforehand. I just don't want my parents (I'm 50) to be disappointed not to have known beforehand. BTW, my parents will be very happy with the news.

Whaddaya think?

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