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Update: withholding visitation because he won't sleep with me! As if!

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MissPathetic30 Mon 24-Oct-16 07:58:50

So awhile back I wrote about ex and how he was trying to ruin my reputation by telling everyone I was with holding visitation due to him denying sex. So after daily harassments I set up a day and time for us to meet, so we could hash this out. He was acting as a right muppet, like I was going to rape him at the meeting point or try and seduce him, I suspect the OW was around when he was texting this. So I reached the end of my rope and texted him what he could have in terms of visitation, I gave him two choices and he responded with which one he liked and it's been working really well, he picks up and drops off on time, he's spoiling the kids rotten, being Disney dad. So I decided to have a little bit of fun on his account, as I am this seducer and I'm waiting for my chance to pounce, so I make it a point where he doesn't see me, i open the door and stay behind, all he might see is my hand, I don't respond to his calls or texts unless necessary. He texts the most random chit, I bought Zack a new shirt. Kiss the kids goodnight/good morning, Ben ate loads of his dinner/breakfast, etc. It seems he can't cope lol. He'll send me pics of the kids to show them eating dinner, playing, or videos, I hold strong I don't respond. If I respond he'll continually text me, trying to make small talk, and just insert himself back in my life. The thing is he loves to be loved and for so long I was fighting with the OW over him. So he is craving my attention. Silence is so golden. It's early days but I'm so much happier. Well he's found his soul mate, the love of his life, lol. He never knew love till he met her......... well carry on mate. I can literally see him saying he made a mistake 5 years from now, I think my family and friends can too, as everyone has been telling me don't take him back when he does come crawling back. Nope, no chance. Anyways he was my 1st every bf, I am now 30. I spent my late teens raising his kids and then having my own kids in my late 20's, I dedicated my whole life to that man and his children and he dropped me like a sack of rice and said I did nothing for him. I have a banging body, I am pretty, so wish me luck ladies. I'm going to get a tattoo (nothing big) and an ear piercing, and start to live my life after being trampled down for so long........... 😀

hellsbellsmelons Mon 24-Oct-16 10:16:47

Well done OP.
Silence is always the best way to wind them up.
Keep going, you are doing great.
So is OW now helping bring up his kids?
You enjoy your new free life!
Don't get drawn in by another narcissist ever again.

BantyCustards Mon 24-Oct-16 10:21:58

Silly, silly man.

Well done OP for letting him get on with his dramarama

Cary2012 Mon 24-Oct-16 10:23:50

Well done OP, you sound ready to take on the world!

He will probably try and crawl his way back, and I think it'll be sooner than five years!

BTW are you ok having your kids' names in your OP? Will that out you? HQ can change your OP if you want. (Or perhaps you changed the names anyway in which case ignore my ramblings)

MissPathetic30 Mon 24-Oct-16 10:34:39

No his older kids are teenagers now, but she's buying their love, she's all over their Facebook, Snapchat and other social media, so I blocked them on everything except Facebook, but I'm not following them, they like to ask about their siblings sometimes and I felt even though OW was all over their Facebook everyday, they would have felt hurt if I blocked them. I knew them all before they even started school.

Silence is so good. I see texts or missed calls, and just say hmm and get on with life.

I do feel he'll start working himself up to get my attention because I've always been a drama queen, so by being silent he knows I'm moving on.

But I'm buying gym shoes today, signing up for netball, gonna get myself out of the house, and find some hobbies.

2017 will be my year. 😂😀🙈

MissPathetic30 Mon 24-Oct-16 10:47:51

I changed their names! 😜 I'm just going to go wild a bit. I spent my 20s raising his kids and having mine, I've only been with him, don't have much relationship experience, the OW was a virgin he was her 1st bf too, she was 25, now she's 28, so he has form. And she wants 6 kids he better get started, 😂. The thing about affairs when they're out and real life happens, that rush of excitement soon leaves. Don't get me wrong I think they'll get married and have kids etc, it seems that way, but he'll realise he messed up big with me.

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