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Sulky husband

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Saddaughterinlaw Tue 27-Sep-16 18:24:40

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone else has a sulky husband? My husband is really stubborn and once he's decided he's in a huff nothing you say or do will bring him out of it.

If you try to show affection you are met with a statue who will not receive it or cuddle back etc.

He bottles up all his emotions and deals with nothing in our house. Instead expecting me to do everything. Then if I do something he doesn't agree with he doesn't stop moaning. Yet won't take the initiative to have done it himself or at least spoken to me about it.

His mother is a narcissist and he still seems to be under her spell. Regardless what happens or how horrible she is to me all he seems to think about is her feelings. Mine appear not to matter. If she upsets me I'm supposed to ignore it.

I'm beginning to really question are we really happy. We arecommend going through something really difficult in our lives and him giving me the cold shoulder and ignoring me is just making life harder.

He has massive anxiety problems and I think he has depression but I think he's had it so long he doesn't realise this isn't normal. He won't go to the Dr's to get any help. I find his negativity so draining.

Help clear my head please?

RunRabbitRunRabbit Tue 27-Sep-16 20:21:06

Have you been to the Dr's yourself to get help with why you would put up with this?

Try this quiz

He can expect anything he likes. He can sulk all he likes. Doesn't mean you have to behave the way he wants.

once he's decided he's in a huff nothing you say or do will bring him out of it. When he is blanking you, do you give him attention, do housework, feed him, buy food for him, wash clothes, try to jolly him out of being a cunt to you?

What happens when he decides to be out of the huff? How does he grovel for forgiveness when he has been this much of a twatbadger to you? What does it take for you to forgive the huff and start interacting normally?

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