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Dating with misophonia

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Josian Sun 25-Sep-16 10:27:07

Having just watched one of my children take a corn chip and bolt from the kitchen to eat it away from me, I'm now standing here worrying that if I meet someone my misophonia will bring the whole thing to a screeching halt.

My family are all well trained, and more or less police their own eating noises these days. New people, though... the thought of having to explain it to someone else and then deal with their response makes me feel really anxious. It probably doesn't sound like a big problem but I can't eat in company unless there's a lot of background noise, which means no family dinners, no quiet restaurants, no cinema visits in company unless the other person knows only to chew during the really loud bits of the movie. Most people see eating as a social activity and I just can't. Even if there is enough noise to cover the sounds I'm always on high alert and can't relax.

I'm probably being ridiculous but I feel as though this might keep me single when I don't necessarily want to be. Looking for some reassurance/advice/inspiring true stories please.

Dieu Sun 25-Sep-16 12:08:58

I can't really offer any advice as such, but sympathise as my 15 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with this.
The only way that family meals can work for her, is if she wears hear earphones throughout … complete with music! I can see how this wouldn't be ideal on a date however …
Is there some kind of discreet earplug that could be worn, in order to muffle the offending sounds a bit? Or perhaps look round some local restaurants or pubs to see which ones you'd be comfortable with. Those playing music, or even better live music, would be a go-fer I reckon.
Sorry, probably crap advice but didn't want to read and run flowers.

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