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LTB is the truth if he is abusive...

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Iflyaway Sat 16-Jul-16 20:07:07

I've been through abusive relationships, so this is triggering....

Please. Don't stay with a man (woman) who abuses you. You could lose your life.

So sad about this...

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Sat 16-Jul-16 20:11:24

The problem is when you're in an abusive relationship a lot of the time you don't even know it.

It wasn't until I escaped and look back that I realise how bad the abuse I suffered was.

I'm also very sad to read about Helen. Nobody should have to suffer what she has.

GirlOverboard Sat 16-Jul-16 20:19:12

He's innocent until proven guilty so it's probably best not to discuss this case whilst it's still ongoing. Very sad to hear that a body has been found however, she sounded like such a nice person.

Iflyaway Sat 16-Jul-16 20:20:23

So true Elsa.

I am very interested in the Stockholm Syndrome about this been there, done that

Iflyaway Sat 16-Jul-16 20:25:46

Oh sorry, Girl. Of course. Not proven until guilty.

This is just a general thread about women in relationships with an abusive guy(s) and how you could find yourself buried at the bottom of the garden

I personally did a great thing in moving very far away..

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