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Best site for OLD?

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Thebigredcar Sun 12-Jun-16 07:37:27

Really want to try OLD for the first time, don't know where to start though? Also what on earth do you put in your profile? I'm a single mum, my child has sn and I can't get out that much it just doesn't sound very appealing does it! So what sort of stuff do you put?

Minime85 Sun 12-Jun-16 07:51:49

A nice pic of you which is current. Maybe what you do if work, hobbies, places you've been, kind of person you are looking for. Up to you re saying you have a DC. I did as obviously it's a main party of my life but I know not everyone comfortable with it. I used match and pof. Prefer pof and it was free. Match cost a lot and lot of time wasters and loads of older men contacting me! Good luck. Don't take it too seriously. There is a good thread on relationships about dating. Think it is on thread 105 now

Hamiltoes Sun 12-Jun-16 08:51:22

I used Tinder. Recently deleted as met a wonderful guy!

I kept my profile really jokey and lighthearted. Said something like "I have a love for 60s music, country and anything by the absolute god that is Bruce Springsteen. Will most likely annoy you. I also have two little humans I'm responsible for so if you still spend your summers in Ibiza its probably not meant to be 💁🏻"

Cue lots of messages about how shit Ibiza is and how Bruce Springsteen is indeed excellent 😂

I know theres always a bit of a debate about wether or not to mention kids, but I would rather not be swiped, and then go on to date people who have absolutely no interest. I like to put it there and mostly spoke to other people who had kids too. Hope that helps.

Thebigredcar Sun 12-Jun-16 09:09:22

Thanks both of you yes that does help! I'd wondered whether to put what music I like and I do have hobbies. Really helps to hear what you put. I'm a bit worried cos going out in the evening is very difficult but I can go out for a couple of hrs in the day at the weekend. Also I don't drink and I've not been with anyone since I new I gave up drinking so don't know what dating involves without alcohol!

Minime85 Sun 12-Jun-16 09:29:55

Def to music choices and agree bit of humour. Don't put anything just to try and impress which isn't true. You are who you are and the right person will come along. I am not a big person on going out, don't drink either and would much rather be at home. Have huge issues with IBS and anxiety over change, even when I want it! But that doesn't matter to the right person.

I couldn't either go out much as had the 2 dcs unless at dads but that only came relevant when chatting to someone. If weren't willing to wait, their loss. I loved tinder just for the swiping, it was great fun! Someone in there offered to cover me in chocolate! But went on one date from there with a nice chap but next day had another date with my now DP from pof.

Flatbellyfella Sun 12-Jun-16 13:33:28

I would see no problem with stating you are the mother of a special needs child, who ever responds to you will have the knowledge from the off.
You are more than the problems you forsee , there are, nice men out there that would have no problem with how & when you could spend time together.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Sun 12-Jun-16 13:58:43

Not sure you need to mention the SN but mention that you're a parent. Your profile needs to stand out. Everyone tends to say the same old "I like the cinema, music, going to the pub, going for walks, cooking..." so you need to be more specific. Which films? Which music? Walking where and why? Cooking what? Don't say you're attractive and have a good sense on humour as it's subjective; show it on your profile and let your potential dates decide.

WhatALoadOfOldBollocks Sun 12-Jun-16 14:01:08

And have at least 2 up to date photos; a clear one of your face, preferably smiling (no trout pouts!) and a full body one of you standing up. Say what sort of relationship you want from what sort of man.

Thebigredcar Sun 12-Jun-16 16:05:36

Thank you everyone this is all very helpful! I feel very encouraged by your comments and experiences. I don't think I'd mention special needs as ds is a little complex it wouldn't give a picture of what hes actually like without further detail and people can make assumptions, but I will say I'm a mum as I don't work so it is a major part of my life.

No trout pouts here for sure, I'm not a duck face kinda gal! I'm not sure what to say about the kind of man or relationship I want though. Ultimately I'd like a long term relationship but I'd want to go very, very slowly as life is quite complicated so I'd really like to just enjoy some male company for a bit too! Been single for 5 yrs shock

I don't know hat sort of man I want I don't really have a particular type, I know what I don't want, (heavy drinking lad type ). Just want someone who is kind and can have intelligent, thoughtful conversation and cares about the world around him. Can I put that?

chocshortbread Sun 12-Jun-16 18:33:56

Your last sentence sounds perfect to me, just say that (and your hobbies etc) best of luck!

Minime85 Sun 12-Jun-16 18:59:52

I'd say all of that that ultimately that's what you are looking for but are not looking to rush into things. Want someone kind and thoughtful. Essex boys need not apply. smile

Thebigredcar Mon 13-Jun-16 13:22:34

Great thank you! Got to get some photos of me on my own and then I'm gonna try quite excited now

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