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Where to look, online dating

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BoyFromTheBigBadCity Sun 05-Jun-16 00:21:19

I've been on tinder and okcupid. Had several dates from both. I'm considering getting a subscription, or trying a different site.

I would like a relationship, but I'm more interested in meeting new people and having a chat/coffee/drink.

Any suggestions of another site?

lavenderhoney Sun 05-Jun-16 01:20:43

You could try your local meet up site? Or a new hobby like running, walking, climbing, or maybe the local museum does talks etc, with drinks after. There used to be a thing called dinner clubs, where you joined and met people at lovely restaurants- you would be with any age but everyone there to chat.

Montane50 Sun 05-Jun-16 02:06:13

I tried fitness for singles -full of arrogant men with posh bikes. Then subscribed to Match, quite good but met my dp on Pof. Im a member of a running club, but found most men there were married or ugly 😅

LellyMcKelly Sun 05-Jun-16 04:07:14

I subscribed to Match, went on 11 dates (including 6 in one week which was exhausting) and then met DP. We've been together now for a year and I couldn't be happier. Know what you want, have a strong sense of self worth, and enjoy it for what it is, and have fun!

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