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whatsapp notifications

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myheadsamess Thu 02-Jun-16 22:38:26

So, I know I shouldnt have looked but I did. We're in the middle of separating, this is hopefully my last night here as me & kids move out tmw. He says we've just grown apart but I had my suspicions there might be someone else - he denied it of course.
Anyway, no excuse for what I did but I looked at his phone which is very rarely out of his sight atm. It's locked (again a new development) so I could only check the notifications. Lots from whatsapp. My question is are these notifications of messages coming in or updates or something else? He's got no friends, doesn't really keep in touch with his folks ( not tech savvy anyway) and the kids are in bed so who the hell is it?

TokenGinger Thu 02-Jun-16 22:41:20

A whatsapp notification will be a message.

It should say (or at least on an iPhone it does) "Whatsapp Message" then the name of the sender underneath.

Hissy Thu 02-Jun-16 22:42:09

You're leaving. Detach and focus on forward, not back. You have a right to move on, or deal with the separation as you need to,as does he. Who it is? None of your business anymore I'm afraid.

You have no need or right to check up on him.

myheadsamess Thu 02-Jun-16 22:48:57

I don't think it said who it was from, just that it was a whatsapp notification. It is an iPhone.

Of course detaching is the right thing to do but I've been with him for 23 yrs & have 3 children with this man. I've put up with years of shitty behaviour and illness. He has only now gone to the GP and started on ADs and was starting to become the man I knew, I knew in my heart was in there. I'm trying so fucking hard not to be bitter & twisted and to instead move on. But - clearly failing

Hissy Fri 03-Jun-16 00:59:23

Let him go. Perhaps the separation will give you both the space to see that what you had wasn't bad.

If you play the mad pick me dance he will run, who wouldn't?

I know you're scared, but this is something you've both arrived at. If he needs to get his head together, let him.

I promise you I won't be as bad as you think it is. This is nerves mostly, whatever happens you will survive this.

Take some time for yourself NOT having to put up with shitty experience, moods and untreated depression. Then see how you feel.

All the best. This is crap, but it couldn't have stayed like thi,

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