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why can kids drive me to tears so easily?

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coco1810 Sat 28-May-16 23:19:16

DS (12 and very hormonal) has just made me sob my heart out over a penalty shootout. The footie game he'd been watching had gone to extra time, penalties and sudden death. I'd had enough at 10:30 and told him enough, bedtime.

Response: I hate you, you always shout at me.

I know he's hormonal, I know in the morning he'll apologise but I have just sobbed like a baby over it. We've had such a lovely day and now I am lay in bed with a blocked nose and headache from crying.

Rainbowsdohappen Sat 28-May-16 23:28:11

chocolateflowers to you.
As baby's you imagine your relationship will always be perfect & you'l be the smug parent who sails though it all with delightful children (or have I watched to much tv!) sometimes 'I love you too darling' or 'please don't talk to me like that' works but he loves you really your the one he discovered the world with after all. Who doesn't look back and wish they had been nicer to their parents. Hope your ok

instantnocookpurees Sun 29-May-16 11:06:31

My sister has this with her DD (My DS is still young so not there yet) she gets very down and worn out from it, all I can say to her is don't give up being the the loving mummy that I'm sure you are. I remember when I was a child and wasn't very nice to my parents it must of really hurt them but when they 'retreated' & left me to it it upset me and that was the start of us drifting apart

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