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Frustrated with DP

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GinaBambino Tue 24-May-16 19:53:18

Urgh my DP is just doing my head in. I love him to bits, we've been together 3 years, are due a baby in 2 weeks and have just bought our first house together.
The house need a lot of work doing; far me than we expected so had to spend more money getting it ready and liveable.
DP has annoyed me for 2 completely unrelated reasons today and I just wanted to vent on here really!
This morning he says that he has a really important work probject coming up. I know this; it's all we've discussed for weeks when not talking about baby or house. He isn't looking forward to it as people in the company can't make and stick to a decision. Anyway he says if baby comes during this project would I mind him going into work (during paternity leave) to help out. I replied that of course I would; all he's done since we found out we were expecting is saying how he can't wait for those 2 weeks with me and our son and now he was to work? It will make his life easier in the long run but he hasn't really thought how I'll be coping (history of PND in family) or if I'll be well enough. I feel like I'm being unreasonable but I'm annoyed that his company already get him 8-6 in the office, on email at night and on most weekends on email so we never go out in case he needs to work and now this during his paternity time.
The other thing is all the house renovations I've basically sorted out all the tradesman (I had less to do at work so could organise; doesn't bother me) but he insists on giving the tradesman more than they quoted sometimes by 30/40 quid. This is money we just don't have right now and need for baby and he's giving extra money to people for doing a 'good job' of course they bloody do; they want the good reviews & extra business!
I know I'm being a cow but he's just winding me up with it! Grrrr men are idiots.

Ingray Tue 24-May-16 20:02:39

Someone will be along soon to tell you that all men are not idiots, just your's.

You are not alone however, mine's an idiot too.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Tue 24-May-16 20:13:57

I'd be annoyed about both those things. But what is his logic for paying the tradesmen more than he has too and how is he actually paying it? In cash?

GinaBambino Tue 24-May-16 20:15:00

Haha well he's a vast improvement from XH so there is that to console myself with. I think he's guessed I'm annoyed as he's offered to wash up and dish up some pudding (these things never happen)
Glad to know I'm not alone though and, if not all, that most men are absolute arses.

GinaBambino Tue 24-May-16 20:23:19

He thinks they just deserve it as luckily every tradesman we've had in have been wonderful and really good at what they do. It is the cash only tradesmen so the guy who's coming to fix some brickwork; the carpenter guy and a rubbish removal team. If I'm the only one in then they get what they quoted but if he's there he always gives them extra. He does it to everyone, the takeaway guy, taxi driver etc it is just how he's been raised but damn does it do my head in smile

clam Tue 24-May-16 20:40:42

he's offered to wash up and dish up some pudding (these things never happen)

Why on earth not? Get that sorted now.

GinaBambino Tue 24-May-16 20:59:43

Ha calm down clam! He never does them as a) he normally cooks so I wash up and he puts away as I can't bend down to put the plates away etc. And before we recently moved we had a dishwasher so we used to load that up
B) we rarely have pudding that needs dishing up. It's normally an ice lolly/chocolate bar/bag of crisps.

Also this isn't an LTB thread although I'm sure they'll be along soon. I'm sure everyone's partners do frustrating things, I've yet to meet a perfect man but I'm sure in the MN world they exist.

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