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is it better to tell dc if you are kind of dating someone or not? they are suspicious and I don't want to lie!

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Slowprogress Mon 02-May-16 11:01:19

So I recently got involved with a friend of the family! He lives far away and is coming to visit me soon, we like each other and are kind of dating or about to date (not sure what to call it as he lives far away) normally I wouldn't tell my dd until I am in a relationship but she keeps asking questions and heard me arranging for him to come over and keeps asking who is coming.

Would it be better to explain we are friends and he is coming to visit, there is a possibility we might date but right now we are just friends?

If I say nothing atall she seems suspicious and then asks lots of questions and I guess feels excluded.

Help hmm

barcelosthehappychicken Mon 02-May-16 11:05:41

Keep it as a friend. Takes the pressure off you.

I found it easier that way with my DS and partner.

In fact my DS asked if he wasn't a good friend because we didn't kiss! Normally I kiss all my friends when we meet, but we were being extra cautious. blushgrin

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