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Good relationship counsellor in Twickenham/Richmond

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ABroads Tue 08-Dec-15 23:01:53

I'm feeling like I'm at my wits end and I'm banging my head off a brick wall with my DH. He is so stubborn and controlling and can never admit he's wrong. I'm struggling to deal with him, I'm unhappy and feel like relationship counselling might help.

There are very mixed reviews about relate and independent counsellors on here, and I know a bad counsellor can do more harm than good. We had a brief amount of counselling a few years back but I was pregnant at the time so i was too emotional and it didn't work. The problem we had was that DH let me do most of the talking and refused to say how he was really feeling.

Since then we have muddled through and have good times and bad times. But things are getting difficult again and we're arguing a lot in front of my DS.

DH maintains everything is fine and our problems "are all in my head". But that's as long as we all tow the line in how he wants things done!! He doesn't take my unhappiness seriously and if he comes to counselling, it's just to humour me and he doesn't properly get involved.

So we need a counsellor who can see through his manipulative behaviour and help us to communicate with each other. We live in Twickenham area, but could travel a short distance if necessary. I'm hoping someone on here may have advice for this situation or knows of a good counsellor.

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