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Fed up with fighting - AIBU?

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3sugarsplease Thu 22-Oct-15 12:12:30

My DP and I have been together for 19 months and during that time we have been through a huge amount. I suffered huge anxiety and depression, my sister was then diagnosed with t.cancer and then I fell pregnant. During pregnancy I went through CBT to help with anxiety etc and it really helped.

My DS Is now 4 month and hard work. Very clingy, cries non stop. I'm very exhausted, and admittedly I'm snappy.

DP words hard for us. 6.30am - 7.30pm mon to Sunday. So we don't get s huge amount of time together.

Since my sister was diagnosed he's taken lot of time off work for us (so we can do things on her bucket list) and as he is SE our income sometimes is affected.

Since we have been together his family (mother, brother and sister) ask to borrow money from us. (And it doesn't always get paid back) before the baby I didn't mind.. Since the baby it bothers me.. We have s little one to look after and run a house on one income. His families house has at least 3 people income and yet they still have money from us? Yesterday mother lent daughter money for a bill, which she then drank away.. And then the house was left with no money until next week when one gets paid. Of course we lent them money. But because DP is self employed we have to wait on invoices a lot of the time. We are going away next week with my family and had a set amount of money to take with us.. Because they have borrowed money we are left with considerably less until invoices come in.

DP said he wasn't going to leave his family with no money which I understand. But we have a new baby (which isn't cheap) and I don't understand why we have to financially top them up? Two family members are older than DP and I don't understand why they can't be financially responsible for themselves.

Me and DP have now fallen out resulting in him now not coming away with us next week.


Jeffreythegiraffe Thu 22-Oct-15 12:36:15

No. Stop lending them money, your dh should be prioritising you and your child, you are also his family. You don't have to financially top them, they need to take responsibility for themselves, it's easy to rely on you.

4 months can be a hard time, there's the 4 month sleep regression for a start. Your dh is being unreasonable regarding the money. How does he feel about working all those hours? He doesn't seem to have any time off.

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