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How do you deal with jealousy of OW?

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Dollygirl2008 Mon 14-Sep-15 16:49:37

So, any tips on how to deal with the jealousy of the OW? It's still raw - only 3 weeks. We were too broken to fix - I know that now - but he's gone straight to OW.

I know that jealousy is a destructive emotion from which no good can come from. But how to deal with it is another issue - how do you deal with wondering, hearing rumours, seeing them, picturing them - any tactics to stop me driving myself insane?!

Waltermittythesequel Mon 14-Sep-15 16:56:21

Gosh I don't know. Three weeks is still new enough to indulge in whatever emotions you want, tbh.

Yes it's healthier to move on and live well etc but for now it's ok to hate the fuckers flowers

ToGoBoldly Mon 14-Sep-15 17:02:46

Sounds glib but you're better off without him, he didn't respect you. You'd probably say that if you had a friend or daughter whose husband left them for another woman, so you owe it to yourself to say the same to yourself.

You will make peace with it eventually. I agree with Waltermitty that this will come in time - anger/envy etc is reasonable and normal for now.

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