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I keep fantasising about tall dark stranger

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thisissillynow Mon 14-Sep-15 14:01:23

A while ago I was in a nasty car crash and sustained a few injuries (all better now). First on scene was my friend with a couple of her friends including one who was very attractive. The ridiculous thing is that he is attractive to me in the same that my dh is (physically they are similar). I am still completely in love and fancy my dh, but cannot stop thinking about this other man who helped me after my crash. I feel disloyal having these thoughts when dh is the most amazing man I could wish for. How can I stop thinking about the other man?

EmberElftree Mon 14-Sep-15 20:17:57

Hi glad you're feeling better now after a horrible event. This is transference I think it's called might have to look it up. You were in a bad situation and needed help which presumably this guy provided. The fact that he's physically attractive to you has reinforced your seeming attraction to him. I had this for my surgeon who "fixed" me and would day dream about him. Despite always being in love with my husband, it was just fantasy. It fades so concentrate on your dh. I saw my surgeon in the supermarket holding a basket staring at the shelves and it made me realize he was just a guy, albeit a gifted surgeon! Hope it goes soon for you too, your amazing husband is your reality, not the other guy. Hth.

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