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Still dreaming of an Ex?! Why??

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LariyahSpen Sat 15-Aug-15 08:43:24

I'm in a serious relationship with a man I love & we have a baby daughter together. It's been a very happy loving relationship. Before him I was in a longer relationship with a guy I loved but it just didn't work out...took me a while to be fully ok but I was single for 2 years before I met my now partner.

Why then do I keep dreaming of my Ex it's probably happened twice per week since we split up 4 years ago shockshockshockshock

Sometimes I'll dream that he's just around in the dream & other times the dreams are very in depth & intense, I've dreamt we are getting back together, that we are sleeping together & more shockingly occasionally I'll dream that my daughter is his in the dream!!! What the hell!!

I wish I wouldn't dream of him! Any dream experts out there with any advice or someone with similar experience it's driving me mental!! hmm

Sighing Sat 15-Aug-15 09:29:55

Dreams can reflect fears and insecurity. Was the break up left unresolved? Did you never get a response emotionally from him? I found it difficult to stop thinking of one ex where he just didn't reciprocate my feelings. It it my confidence quite hard. It was to fo with how i saw myself though. Not so much hung up on him as how could he not think i am anything other than fantastic wink.

InTheBox Sat 15-Aug-15 10:05:59

I wouldn't try to discern any specific meaning about the dream as they can represent any number of things going on in your current or your past. If it was a relationship that took its toll, i.e. you had to take a while out to feel ok then it's perfectly natural. Your mind processing those thoughts and feelings as you sleep. Is all fine in your current relationship?

I don't think that it's because you miss or want your ex back. I have experienced dreaming about my ex and it was so vivid is was rather disconcerting but again, I don't think much of it as I also vividly dream that I am married to the moon but Earth won't let me leave in order to get to the moon. hmm

Smilingforth Sat 15-Aug-15 18:17:39

Dreams are just that. Don't worry - your mind takes you to random places; I dreamed about a dragon the other day!

arsenaltilidie Sat 15-Aug-15 20:13:20

Maybe you miss you ex.

LariyahSpen Sat 15-Aug-15 21:06:54

Thank you so much for all your responses. My relationship with my current partner is good & we love eschother it's a stronger relationship than the one I had with my Ex.

I do think the break up was awful though and he was very unemotional about it until 2 years later when I randomly bumped into a close friend of his who hinted he had struggled at first but was 'finally getting over it' which I had no idea about. I guess after four years I never got closure...maybe that's why...

Viewofhedges Sat 15-Aug-15 23:08:56

Don't beat yourself up about this or worry about this AT ALL. It's only a dream. I'm happily married and often dream about my first ever boyfriend and sometimes about completely fictitious men but I'm sure that it means absolutely nothing. Sometimes I think it's about remembering the particular intensity or feelings in a relationship (the ex I dream about was my first ever boyfriend and if I dream about others it's always in that "are we or aren't we" exciting stage of the dream relationship) and while I used to wonder about it too now I just enjoy it (especially the flirty ones! They're fun!) If it meant anything then I'd also have to worry about the dreams when I can fly / give birth to marzipan children (yeah I know) / get engulfed in a sulphur storm etc..... You are happily married. Dreams are just night time weirdnesses. Don't let it trouble you. The important part is who you wake up next to!

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