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Relationship Advice Please

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Redhead7828 Wed 05-Aug-15 16:23:45

Hi everyone ive been with my partner for 3 and a half yrs but were a little on and off at the start. He had been in a prev relationship for 15 years and two kids together,they finished and we met 5 months after. We went slow to begin as i didnt want to be a rebound! Anyway a few things texts etc happened that made me feel he wasnt over his ex and just wanted to be in a relationship but he convinced me he was and has always told me he loves me often. We now have a little boy 15 months old and i am expecting our second and im 20 weeks pregnant. I have started meeting his mum to help her build a relationship with our little boy,only twice so far but we got chatting about him and his ex and she said it was a shock when they split,they had a great relationship,they would have been married if they had stayed together and my partner would have done anything and tried everything to keep them together. The ex is due to get married to her new partner and his mum said to me she thinks they started when she was still with my partner but not to say anything as it would break his heart! Also before i knew the ex was due to get married my partner said to me would i marry him soon! I find out his ex is and everything is now coming back to me thinking if he truly is over her,if she was the love of his life,what am i? But i dont know if im being silly with pregnancy hormones etc!!! So any thoughts will be appreciated,thanks

Cocalite Wed 05-Aug-15 21:46:45

It's very hard. If you have doubts you need to speak to him about them otherwise they will fester.

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