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please help

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beanabonce Sun 12-Jul-15 18:26:39

I'm going through a potentially nasty court case to minimise access to my D's. My xp is very on and off with my D's. We made an agreement which had we both signed. It contained a generic weekly or 2 weekly visitation plan and made arrangments for birthdays Christmas and illness. He has PR as is on the birth certificate so has access to the school and health and religion. He didn't help choose my D's school . while we were together he favoured his retail career and 'band practice' over staying in hospital with our D's while he was critical with meningitis and blood poisioning. He has now got his current partner pregnant. Her baby is due close to the time I should have been (I miscarried twins and let him know in hopes that ye would be sensitive over the subject as I knew she had a bfp) since she has been trying to parent my D's and call him hers she also speaks quote vocally about her pregnancy and how she is excited to make my son a new sibling when I never used to hear from her in the past. I stopped contact when i found out he was trying to be so fickle as to strip my dh and DMS rights as point of contact and my sons head teacher suggested we collect my D's early for the rest of term just in case my xp were to show up. I said to my xp that we have nothing legally bonding in terms of agreement so we can stop this charade and let the legal system fix it for us. Since then he has put a deposit down on a house just around the corner so he can see my D's more. I've had the call the police because he's spent The day knocking on my door calling for my D's. My D's wasn't interested and we had to hide him in the garden on the trampoline to avoid this shouting. I had to deal with a biased police officer that also has a 'trouble some' ex partner that he's fighting for custody for. What should I do? I'm afraid to leave the house in fear he will approach us and try to take my D's take him to school where I may get a call saying D's dad is s trying to take him off of site or stay in and hope he doesn't start banging on the door again as this police didn't help at all :/ give me strength!

beanabonce Sun 12-Jul-15 18:35:28

Just to add my D's is just finishing reception so he is 5

beanabonce Sun 12-Jul-15 18:50:52

Oh and this address is his first stable seeming address previously he lived with a drug addict, then an ex gf then his mentally unstable mother. His legal fees will be covered by a go fund me website that he's made. Sorry for the drip feed its hard to read it out as it feels permanent

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