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Stay or Go?

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kkassie07 Tue 23-Jun-15 21:11:59

So I found texts between my bf and another girl two weeks before Christmas. They had been having really intimate conversations during which he told her that he planned to leave me. We had been having problems because I was going through tests to find out if I had cervical cancer again. Since it affects me having kids, he began to freak least that is what he says. He says they never were physical and he ended the relationship.
Two weeks later, feeling suspicious I found pictures of a different girl in his email; he sort of explained that one and I dropped it.

It has been 6 months and I still believe he's talking to other girls, but I can't prove it. He says he wants to be with me and isn't doing anything.

I don't know what to do. I am ready to bolt, just have to find a place that I can afford without him paying half the rent.

VixxFace Tue 23-Jun-15 21:13:49

Have you registered with spare ? That is worth a look in your area or an area that you can afford.

You know it's right to leave him but get your ducks in a row first. You deserve better.

Clobbered Tue 23-Jun-15 21:15:08

Leave. You don't trust him, and with good reason by the sound of it. Get out now and don't look back!

ancientbuchanan Tue 23-Jun-15 21:16:26

I agree. And if he can't cope now he is not a in sickness and in health for better for worse person. Not saying you need to see things in marriage terms but the vows are a useful checklist.

arsenaltilidie Tue 23-Jun-15 21:36:38

Once it's an accident
Twice it's a coincident
Three times it's the enemy

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