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Relationship status and Facebook???

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blondebaby111 Mon 18-May-15 08:37:17

I've just noticed that on my fiances Facebook profile it's suddenly missing that we are engaged. It's still on mine but clearly hidden from his.
We have had a bit of a tricky time as had my suspicions last year that something wasn't right ( thought he was playing away) but really thought things were ok and we were back on track.
I haven't mentioned this yet just in case it sounds silly and I'm over-reacting. But why would you purposely hide that when previously it was there. Alarms bells are ringing but am I just being silly??

Joysmum Mon 18-May-15 08:40:04

Has it been changed, or just never been set as engaged?

NotReallyAPrincess Mon 18-May-15 08:41:43

I don't think you're being silly if it was there previously and he has deliberately removed it in order to attract your attention/be hurtful/etc.

In general though it's not a big deal. I am not 'in a relationship' with DH on Facebook because it doesn't matter, does it? It was fun once when I ran into an old school friend who clearly stalks Facebook who told me not to worry, I'd meet someone soon... when DH was standing next to me. Because it wasn't written on Facebook, you see. hmm

Ask him if he's removed it. Keep it light if you're worried about over-reacting.

blondebaby111 Mon 18-May-15 08:47:36

It's always been there. He's never been one to post a status, he mainly uses it to watch and share funny videos but the fact he's removed it just seems odd.
A few times I've posted things like at a restaurant with him and that's been removed from his wall too, it's almost like he want no association with me.
I do need to tread carefully with this, last year I really thought he was having an affair, he denied it but it did cause problems between us but frankly he didn't help matters. Finally I was feeling happy, thought we were fine and now I see this.
He's recently started a new position at work, working around more women etc but why hide the fact you are with someone and engaged? That's what I don't get

Cherryapple1 Mon 18-May-15 08:58:44

I would say trust your instincts. What made you convinced he wasn't having an affair last year?

Wotsitsareafterme Mon 18-May-15 09:05:52

I wouldn't like it. I noticed a while back on a male friend of mine that his FB said nothing but his df said engaged and remembered thinking hmm I wonder how she feels about that hmm. That said he posts under a pseudonym due to his profession. Is this a possible reason? I don't use FB at present but if I ever return I won't be sharing my relationship status or anything much as I don't trust their privacy settings.

blondebaby111 Mon 18-May-15 09:11:08

I never had any concrete proof of affair it was just suspicion. I'm still not entirely convinced but decided to just back off fir now and bide my time, I went in full pelt accusing when looking back I should've just kept quiet and if he was hope he'd slip up. I generally hope he wasn't tho. But this isn't helping now.
But generally lately things have been ok and then I notice this which is just another odd thing to add to the list shock I could cry tbh as I don't know why he's done it. I know what will happen if I do confront it, he'll fly off and start saying he's sick of all this accusing etc etc which is what he did last year x tbh he made me feel
As if I was going mad, not long had a baby and for now I've just pushed it all away but the doubts are still there .

ravenmum Mon 18-May-15 09:22:12

Has he got any new "friends" liking his comments, posting on his timeline etc?

How about changing your relationship status too? See if he mentions it...

TurnipCake Mon 18-May-15 09:37:31

Hmm, my spidey senses would be tingling on this one. But from your last post at him flying off the handle and making you feel like you're going mad, he really doesn't sound that nice

blondebaby111 Mon 18-May-15 10:08:14

No new friends that I can see. Well I saw it from his point of view I was very suspicious last year and I think it just got to the point he was understanding at first then he just started flying off when i questioned things so I backed off, I don't want to rock the boat on this but I'm afraid I think I'm gonna have to x

BeyonceRiRiMadonna Mon 18-May-15 10:19:43

OP trust your instincts they are there for a reason! I would however wait until you had more proof because he's just going to react the way he reacted the last time, you're then left feeling like you're unhinged?!?!?

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