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moving abroad/leaving a relationship

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iris5858 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:14:03

I have a big decision to make that I feel unable to solve and I'm hoping there might be some advice out there. I've been offered a job in New York with my company, a Twp year posting. I recently got back together with my ex who I love very much but hasn't been the most reliable person. It's a good opportunity that everyone is telling me I must take. I don't want to stay for an unreliable boyfriend but at 38 I want to have a baby rather than move and spend two years working really hard. I'm worried I'll regret it if I don't go though. Any advice or similar experiences?

ImperialBlether Tue 06-Jan-15 22:17:26

In what way is he unreliable? The thing is, I would hate to have a child with an unreliable man.

I would never be able to turn down the chance to work in New York, so I'm not the person to ask. I'd have packed my bags by now!

IsItTeaYoureLookingFor Tue 06-Jan-15 22:35:16

Go to New York!!!

Who knows, you might meet someone there? smile

iris5858 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:42:29

We've split up a few times before, always because of him. It's definitely different this time and we're talking of a future together but I have doubts still though I really would love it to work

hiphoplollipop30 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:44:37

I'm moving to New York in a couple of days, my relationship ended about two months ago now. It didn't end because I was going to New York.

I hear where you're coming from, as ImperialBlether says, in what way is he unreliable?

As much as I still love my ex, I know this next step is the right one for me, and you only live once.

Has it crossed your mind that you might meet someone reliable and amazing in New York to make babies with?

Cabrinha Tue 06-Jan-15 22:46:59

Why is it definitely different this time?

Can he come to NY?

Is a LDR a good test of your commitment to each other, useful before starting a family?

I'm always wary of on off relationships.
I say ditch him, enjoy NY, and date your heart out whilst you're there! (Brits only if you're wary of complication)

LineRunner Tue 06-Jan-15 22:59:33

Go to New York.

But don't have a baby with someone who won't let you leave.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 06-Jan-15 23:00:13

You are not quite sure of your ex are you, so why not seize this opportunity to work abroad. If he is serious he can fly over and visit. He's been the one to break up the previous times so this time you get to call the shots. And yes maybe meet eligible, more reliable men.

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