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he gets all the fun

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diamond457 Mon 22-Dec-14 09:09:48

Aibu to be annoyed at my partner for having plans fifth day in a row?

sounds silly but i am just fed up of him having the life of riley while i do all the mundane things. On Thursday we went for a rare meal out together but we had to get back for him going to his usual pub quiz night with the boys. On Friday he had his works Xmas night out which was far away and he messed up the train times, ending up at the wrong train station and not getting back till late and i had my work in the morning. On Saturday he went to the football while i was at work, on Sunday he played football in the evening whilst during the day i was at work so barely saw him.
today (this is when i blow up) he was a meeting with the football club to discuss the future of the club. This is one of the days we both have off together and hes up at 7.30am to walk in the pissing rain to the train station all for the sake of having a pint with lunch later. I told him his family feel pushed aside and that if he really wanted to go he should just take the car and come home after it! I have been really struggling with tiredness with working through every weekend and doing school run through the week, i never get a lie in ever so it would have been nice if he could get dd ready for nursery and help me out!
i am never out of the house and i am bored, while he has the life of riley. I dont have many friends while he has lots. Tonight i am going out with a school friend for drinks and i am going for it! I never get the chance

Quitelikely Mon 22-Dec-14 09:16:00

The benchmark for me is would you be able to go out as he has done if you had friends without complaining from him?

If so then I think you could casually tell him you are feeling over worked and under appreciated and see how he responds. A decent man would show support and understanding.

diamond457 Mon 22-Dec-14 09:21:31

If i did have a lot of friends i think i would be quite happy meeting up once a week. The pub quiz on a Thursday is when he sees them all and he plays football on a Sunday with them. Its everything in between that bugs me football matches and the rest of it. I either work or look after dd. I go to an evening class on a Wednesday on hope id find something for me to do and have fun with and make friends, but i don't enjoy it much and i haven't made any friends lol. If i started doing things through the week on top of him doing all his stuff we would never get any time together!

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