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Kids therapy after emotional abuse

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sus14 Fri 19-Dec-14 18:58:01

Just wanted some opinions on this. I spoke to a DV outreach officer today to make plans to attend our local one stop shop, as I've been putting it off for a year so thought I would ring and make contact and find put about how it could help. Then I am seeing my solicitor to implement divorce plans.

I mentioned how my husband has recently been warning our 6 year old, after he shouts at her, not to tell me as I will make him leave. She does but swears me to secrecy. I m filing for divorce soon and will get advice on how to,do this safely, but is am worried about the shit he will say to her, and how he will act crying etc in front of her. I was looking for advice on that when I rang up.

Apparently I can access some specialist play therapy in the school setting, run by the one stop shop.

I m nervous as my dd is very outgoing, very happy, doing well. Maybe she is coping and will cope without this. I don't want to put her into something which might raise issues she isn't really thinking about. But the same time she's been around this abisive relationship all her life and she must have taken on board some negative lessons from it. She's seen me yelled at, a lot. She's seen me in floods of tears, and comforted me. She's seen him yelling and me yelling back. I m amazed how happy she is despite all this.

Would it be sensible to take up this offer? I plan to talk to the head about it, and tell him about the divorce etc, and ask him to take a view in conjunction with her very excellent current teacher ? I'll have to involve school as I will need them to know as he normally drops her at school and I would want to know she was there and also if she seems unsettled after drop off . Also depending on timing of divorce papers she may miss some school as I will go away for a long weekend . And then I ve still not worked out where to live. Hoping to persuade him to move really as it would be so utterly disruptive for her to have to move overnight.

CogitOIOIO Fri 19-Dec-14 21:25:10

I'm sorry you're in this situation. I'd recommend you take any and all expert help offered for yourself and your DD.

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