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WhoKnowsNewName Mon 22-Sep-14 21:34:17

Happy's sister has asked me to pass on the very sad news that Happy passed away last Sunday night.

Happy had so many friends here who, during the summer months, gave her support, encouragement and shared their own difficult experiences. I know she really appreciated the help. I think so many of us sensed in Happy an amazing, beautiful, kind and talented young woman. She tried so hard to be strong and keep on going but it was too much in the end.

I am so sorry and sad that this is the update.

Iconfuseus Mon 22-Sep-14 22:27:29

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

NettleTea Mon 22-Sep-14 22:30:08

This is so sad, and a horrifying lesson on how an abuser can get right inside your mind and make it impossible to even contemplate living without them and their abuse.
So so sorry to hear this, and those poor children.
I hope he wont be given residence?

LaMenorquina Mon 22-Sep-14 23:26:41

Oh no, such sad news, that poor brave girl, she tried so hard. Condolences to her sister and other loved ones.

tisnotme Mon 22-Sep-14 23:29:27

how sad, I followed her threads and it was clear how much she meant to you. I hope you are OK x

KittenOverlord Mon 22-Sep-14 23:33:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

temporaryusername Mon 22-Sep-14 23:42:24

I'm so so sorry. Poor, poor girl, that man as good as killed her. I am so shocked, and hope you are ok WhoKnows.

Raftofdeterminationandlove Mon 22-Sep-14 23:49:30

I am so so sorry to hear this. I have thought about her every day since that thread. My emotions at the moment are extreme sadness, compassion and concern for her family and anger at the evil of the creature who drove her to such a dark place.

Happy seemed like such a kind sweet and compassionate person. I don't what else to say. xxx

Toooldtobearsed Tue 23-Sep-14 05:47:35

I hope she will now find the peace in death that she never found in life.

R.I.P Happy

Thank you for being such a wonderful support to her Whoknows

roughtyping Tue 23-Sep-14 06:52:50

So sorry xx

kaykayblue Tue 23-Sep-14 08:56:34

Oh my god.

What happened?

AnyFucker Tue 23-Sep-14 09:01:43

What has happened here ?

KittenOverlord Tue 23-Sep-14 09:52:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnyFucker Tue 23-Sep-14 09:52:53

Goodness me. That is awful.

kaykayblue Tue 23-Sep-14 10:01:20

Thank you Kitten. The last I saw of the threads she had been just been admitted.

This is such incredibly sad news. She was so incredibly lovely and polite.

I hope her children will be okay.

awfulomission Tue 23-Sep-14 10:43:00

I can't think of the words to say how terrible this is.

May she be at peace now.

DreamingofSummer Tue 23-Sep-14 10:58:03

May she rest in peace

daylily Tue 23-Sep-14 11:15:15

I am so sorry to hear this, I followed Happy's threads an thought she was very brave. May she rest in peace.

Meerka Tue 23-Sep-14 11:49:29

whoknows thank you for letting us know.

I wish she'd been able to get out earlier, I wish deeply the mental health services had not let her down.

I hope that with love and care her children will be able to cope with the appalling losses they've suffered.

Rest in peace.

GoatsDoRoam Tue 23-Sep-14 11:49:51

Poor soul. How sad.

WellWhoKnew Tue 23-Sep-14 12:06:35

What dreadful news. May she rest in peace.

2times Tue 23-Sep-14 12:17:35

Very very sad to hear.

AnyFucker Tue 23-Sep-14 12:43:33

I hope her family is making a very big fuss if they think she wasn't adequately supported by professionals

WhoKnowsNewName Tue 23-Sep-14 12:44:17

I appreciate all the messages on here and I am sure they will bring some comfort to Happy's sister - just knowing how much people genuinely cared for Happy.

Like others who supported her here, I just feel very sad about it and still find it quite hard to believe. She was only 24. When I think about Happy I think about her making those quilts for her children. Do you remember - she was making a patchwork quilt from the babygros her son had grown out of. She had already made one for her daughter from her first year of babygros.

Happy's sister is going to be taking care of her children, thank goodness.

Toooldtobearsed Tue 23-Sep-14 12:55:16

When I first heard the news I re read Happy's first thread and still cannot believe just how quickly hope turned to despair.

Anyfucker, I don't think she was failed by any one particular organisation, just by society in general.

I am so pleased that Happy's sister was there for her, and remains in her children's lives. Sister, if you ever read this thread, please know that not only did we take Happy to our hearts, we also have so much admiration for the way you have handled a very difficult situation, and wish you luck for the future.

I do hope her children grow up in a world full of love and can experience all the happiness that should have been there for Happy.

Oh, Whoknows the babygros..... something to treasure.

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