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I have decided to lose a huge amount of weight

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blueeyesindallas Thu 01-May-14 04:05:52

Dear Friends,
After much soul searching and analyzing what I want and deserve, I have decided to seek legal counsel and free myself from this marriage that has so damaged my self image. I plan to shed about 160 pounds in the coming months. Thanks to all for your kindness and incredible support.

fuxache Thu 01-May-14 04:39:26

Well done! Onwards and upwards.

Hairylegs47 Thu 01-May-14 05:16:46

Good for you!
So, what's the plan?
Exercise and diet?

Mmmango Thu 01-May-14 05:23:36

oh hairy legs, read the OP at least. More of a solicitors' appointment than a fitness trainer situation :D

blueeyesindallas Thu 01-May-14 05:24:14

I am so sorry that my message was not clear. I am the OP of the thread titled Spouse thinks I am too fat to have sex with. My plan is to ditch160 pounds of vile husband. I apologize for the confusion.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 01-May-14 05:30:20

Blueeyes, well done you! I hope your legal counsel is helpful, and keep us posted.

mammadiggingdeep Thu 01-May-14 06:21:14

Congratulations- your new life awaits you.

Best decision. I read your other thread, you deserve so much better.

flowers xxxxx

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 01-May-14 06:31:36

I read your earlier thread and seems that 160lbs has been sitting round your neck for some time, deliberately dragging you down... Good luck and I hope you find peace and happiness.

blueeyesindallas Thu 01-May-14 06:35:51

Thank you Cogito! I feel strong enough to take this on and come out on the other side happy, healthy, and whole.

Frogisatwat Thu 01-May-14 06:44:19

I read your thread! What a wonderful diet you plan to embark on grin

blueeyesindallas Thu 01-May-14 06:50:47

I'm afraid this diet plan is a bit overdue. I'm just so thankful that I am finally strong enough to close this miserable chapter and move on to a new life. Everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect. I'm ready!!!

whitedoorbell Thu 01-May-14 07:44:34

best diet I ever went on.. shed about 200lbs over Christmas one year wink

good luck. you deserve so much better and please believe me... in the end your life will be so much better without that dragging you down. smile

LavenderGreen14 Thu 01-May-14 07:51:38

Well done you - you are very brave & wise.

Placeinthesun Thu 01-May-14 07:55:03

Well done. Love your diet plan. I'm mid way through similar and getting quite excited about the new lighter me.

Placeinthesun Thu 01-May-14 07:55:14

Well done. Love your diet plan. I'm mid way through similar and getting quite excited about the new lighter me.

Placeinthesun Thu 01-May-14 07:55:15

Well done. Love your diet plan. I'm mid way through similar and getting quite excited about the new lighter me.

TwoNoisyBoys Thu 01-May-14 08:23:38

I did this diet almost two years ago......224 lbs gone smile and my life has never been better! Good luck xx

fusspot66 Thu 01-May-14 08:25:54

Great news.

pointythings Thu 01-May-14 09:23:45

Well done, your life will be lighter and brighter in every way. The power of MN!

QuietTiger Thu 01-May-14 09:50:21

Great diet plan! (I read your original thread).

A close friend shed 240lbs about 18 months ago for similar reasons. Best thing she ever did! Onwards and upwards!

Atbeckandcall Thu 01-May-14 09:51:30

Well done grin thanks

Lweji Thu 01-May-14 09:55:50

Good decision.

I managed to lose 220 pounds 3 years ago.
Surgical intervention. grin

HillyHolbrook Thu 01-May-14 10:01:28

Well done you! I read your OP and was genuinely shocked by what this extra weight was doing to your life! Good luck and I hope you're much happier soon. thanks

FBXL5 Thu 01-May-14 10:42:09


I got a bit worried when I saw the title...

But then laughed when your brilliant plan became clear smile

There can be no doubt that you're doing the right thing.

"Everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect."

Yes! Absolutely true. Never let yourself forget it.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-May-14 11:24:24

Blueeyes I think a diet like this will be great for your health and wellbeing and definitely good for your heart.

You sound very strong but it will be tough. There are times when you might be tempted to go back to your old habits. But we will be here if you falter

Good luck!

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